Partnership Development (Sales) Lead Toronto , ON


BiblioCommons is looking for a Toronto-based Partnership Development (Sales) Lead who will thrive on the challenge of convincing public libraries across North America to subscribe to our revolutionary software. We are tired of hearing ‘does anyone even use libraries anymore?’! We are taking on the challenge of helping public libraries create a digital space as rich, valued, and inspiring as the great physical library spaces.

How you’ll make an impact:

  • Research libraries’ priorities and challenges to figure out how to interest them in what we have to offer
  • Initiate conversations and build long term relationships (you can’t be shy!)
  • Help libraries understand how BiblioCommons tools can support their priorities through conversations, demonstrations, and other information sharing
  • Help libraries consider and build business cases for adopting our services, based on our past experiences with other libraries

What we’re looking for:

Strong listening skills: You need to be able to listen for priorities and challenges.

Amazing communication skills: In addition to being a good listener, we need a team member who naturally speaks and writes clearly in a smart, friendly, straight-forward, and authentic voice.

Persuasiveness: You will need to help libraries understand the transformative power of digital and that it should be a cornerstone to achieving their strategic goals. You will also need to persuade them that a collaborative (SaaS) platform is the most cost-effective, risk-averse, and forward-looking approach.

Strong organizational skills: You must be able to plan your time, juggle multiple customer opportunities, track communications with libraries, and provide internal, partnership-related forecasting reports.

Resilience: The library world doesn’t always turn on a dime, and we need someone who will be persistent and patient and who will develop and maintain relationships over time while remaining confident and positive.

The ability to sell: We are not a typical sales organization, we don’t negotiate on price and our partnership leads are not paid on commission. However, at the end of the day, you do need to be able to ask for the order.

Curiosity: We want to work with a team member who is excited by new technology-based opportunities–not just for libraries, but for education, and for society as a whole. Being curious about technology is a must, and we expect our team members to be always reading, trying out new services, and questioning.

Comfortable with technology: You will need to learn how to use and demonstrate our software and understand how it compares to the other options available on the market. It is also helpful to have an interest in what other industries are doing with technology and how it might apply to the library world. You don’t need to be able to tell javascript from python. As long as you’re happy to google it and problem solve you’ll fit in just fine!

Teamwork and Collaboration: While we want a team member who can charge ahead individually, it is equally important to recognize when and how to leverage the team around you.

Research: Strong research skills are a must as the team member will need to research key details about public libraries, their communities, and their strategic plans to be prepared for conversations and demonstrations.

Home base in Toronto: Our very cool office is in Toronto and we are looking for someone who is local.

Willingness to travel: We do a lot of our work electronically but from time to time we need to visit our customers who are spread across North America and throughout the English-speaking world.

Bonus Points for:

Library experience: An MLIS and/or experience working with or in libraries would be ideal. At a minimum, we’re looking for someone who has experience in serving the public mission of libraries, even if not formally within a library organization, and who understands how libraries work and the challenges libraries face.

BiblioCommons experience: Experience using BiblioCommons software as a librarian or patron of a library using BiblioCore. If you love the software as a user, we would love for you to join the team to encourage other libraries to subscribe and join the community of fantastic libraries using BiblioCommons services.

A Bit About Us:

We think BiblioCommons is a terrific place to work. Like every company we have our quirks, and like most tech companies we have snacks, and after work beer on Fridays and team lunches. Our collaboration-oriented culture values what each member brings to the table from an encyclopedic knowledge of 90s movies to songwriting skills. Our CEO is a woman, our VP Engineering’s favourite book is The Idiot. Talk to us and see for yourself!

To Apply:

Closes: 10 June, 2019

Toronto , ON